Spring 2015 update:

In September 2014, I started the Master of Applied Positive Psychology program at UPenn. I'm still living and working full time in New York while participating in the program. However, I am placing the Happiness Workshops on hold until the end of the program. Nonetheless, I am still available for privately scheduled workshops and talks.

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The Beauty of Selfishness: Sid Efromovich


5 Techniques to Learn Any Language: Sid Efromovich

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• Happiness

• College to "Real World" Transition

• Youth Leadership & Programming



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University of Pennsylvania

(expected '15) Master of Applied Positive Psychology


Purdue University

Master of Business Administration


Leibniz Universität

Master of Business Administration


Boston University (BU)

Bachelor of Arts - International Relations



Sid's Happiness Workshop

Facilitator- '13-Present



Master Teacher - '12-'13


I Embrace You (IEY - former Hug Don't Hate)

Founder & President - '05-'09


MLK Jr. Peace Concert

Founder & Chair - '07-'08


THIMUN Youth Assembly

Committee Coordinator and Participant - '04-'07


THIMUN Youth Network

Delegate - '04

#1 Rated Master Teacher '13

Skillshare - #1 Master Teacher in Endorsement per Students ratio


Master Teacher status '12

Skillshare - top available honor for teachers.


Leila Saad Award '09

BU - top university leadership award awarded to one senior from class of over 4,000 students.


Scarlet Key Honor Society '09

BU - most prestigious leadership honor society at BU.


deneen zarada Award '07

BU - top leadership award available for non-seniors, awarded to me as a sophomore


New Student Organization of the Year '07

BU - awarded to IEY under my leadership


Terrier Choice for Community Service '07

BU - awarded to IEY under my leadership



V&A Commodity Traders, Inc

Sugar Trader - '11-Present


SEACOR Holdings, Inc.

Associate -  '10-'11

Program of the Year '12

Awarded to IEY


IEY Leadership Awards:

Leila Saad Award - '09, '12

deneen zarada Award - '07, '10

Emerging Student Leader Award - '10, '11, '12

Scarlet Key Award - '09, '10, '12, '12, '13, '14



English - Portuguese

Spanish - French - German

Italian   - Mandarin


I consider myself to be one of the luckiest people in the world for one simple reason: I am as happy as can be. Many years ago, I found that nothing exhilarates me more than helping a person come alive and discover their passions. I feel blessed to have the opportunity of doing what I love, while working at a job I thoroughly enjoy. All of my classes, workshops and talks surround the topic of helping people ignite their sparks. I've devoted countless hours exploring, learning and teaching about this fascinating topic. I've been fortunate to have ignited my spark years ago, helping you light yours is what keeps my fire burning.

I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. Throughout my adolescence I was involved in a number of organizations and eventually joined the THIMUN Youth Assembly (TYA) -  a youth think tank accredited by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Participating in the TYA was a pivotal experience in my life. Through this opportunity I worked alongside unique young movers and shakers to develop youth-led solutions to global problems. The fast-paced, international and ambitious environment of the conferences was instrumental in developing our creative thinking and ability to work in multi-cultural teams.

During my time at the TYA I architected the plan for I Embrace You (at the time called Hug Don't Hate) - a community building organization. Soon after, I was elected by our committee to run the campaign. This coincided with the beginning of my college career at Boston University (BU). After spending some months connecting with young leaders in the Boston area, I knew that Boston was the perfect place to launch I Embrace You (IEY).

When founding IEY, I had the good fortune of working alongside great mentors and committed young leaders who trusted me to lead the organization. With a strong leadership team and over 100 annual volunteers, we organized unprecedented events in the Boston community. These ranged from Warren Towers UNITED, where we inspired over 1100 students to drape their windows with a symbol of respect and peace, to the MLK Jr. Peace Concert. For the MLK Jr. Peace Concert, we created the largest student coalition in Boston University history with 83 student organizations represented in the concert with over 800 attendees.

These unique events, combined with our consistent weekly kindness-spreading activities enabled our organization and leaders to receive the most prized leadership awards at Boston University. To this day IEY  maintains this culture of excellence and every leader since its inception has been recognized with leadership awards.

Soon after receiving my BA in International Relations from BU, I moved to Germany where I earned a dual MBA from Purdue University and Leibniz Universität.

After Germany I moved back to the US to join the bright lights of New York City.  I have since been infatuated with the city's exciting and ever-evolving life. In 2010 I began my career at SEACOR Holding Inc. (NYSE:CKH), and later joined my current job at V&A Commodity Traders in 2011.

In 2012 I put my passion for teaching and mentoring into action. I developed my own material and taught my first class at Skillshare: "5 Techniques to Speak Any Language." From the success of this class I received the title "Master Teacher" on Skillshare, which is the top status a Skillshare teacher can receive. This was achieved through the volume and quality of the participant reviews of the class. Later in 2012, I launched the class "Can a class teach you happiness? Yes." In 2013 I became the top rated Master Teacher in endorsements per students and held that position until the Master Teacher program was terminated in Skillshare.

Later in 2013, I connected with the team at Greatist and launched Sid's Happiness Workshop. Greatist kindly hosts the space, and I facilitate the workshop. Still in 2013, I delivered the TEDx Talk: 5 Techniques to Speak Any Foreign Language, which has over 650,000 views on Youtube. In 2014, I was invited to be one of the four speakers at the inaugural TEDxNewYorkSalon, where I delivered the talk The Beauty of Selfishness. Soon after I was admitted to the Master of Applied Positive Psychology program at UPenn for the class of 2015. Due to the structure of the program, I will still be living and working in New York full time.

The road to reach these milestones has been an incredible journey. I feel deeply humbled that you have taken the time learn about me. Tomorrow's smiles are yet unwritten and I look forward to having you become a part of the story.


After joining SEACOR Holdings Inc (NYSE:CKH) in 2010, in 2011 I started a sweet chapter in my career.  I became a Sugar Trader.  I joined V&A Commodity Traders, a global commodities trade house. We source and deliver sugar and other soft commodities around the globe.


For more information about V&A, please visit our official website: www.vasugar.com. You may also use the contact form below for any sugar related inquiry and it shall be responded within 2 business days.


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